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Farming Technology Services was a forerunner to the formation of Reapers (Pvt) Ltd in 1997. It formed the basis of the link with the Small Scale Farmers, which has grown to be a symbiotic and well maintained relationship.
About Farming Technology Services

Farming Technology Services (Pvt) Ltd is a Zimbabwean owned and based Agricultural Company that specializes in Tillage Services, particularly for Small Scale Farmers, through an extensive nationwide Tillage Services Scheme. Farming Technology Services (FTS) began operating in June 1993.


The Land Reform Exercise that began in 1999, led to a redistribution of the clientele base, but more importantly, the viability of the Tillage Services Exercise needed to be put on hold as many Farmers had to recommence their activities, which in Agriculture, takes time.


However, with the introduction of the United States Dollar there has been resurgence in income levels within the Agricultural Sector on, a small Scale Level. Tobacco Contract growing as well as new Irrigation Schemes, have led to a more robust financial framework for Farmers and thus the demand for Tillage Services has resurfaced.

The Small Scale Farmer

Small Scale Farmers face challenges of resources and this affects their planning. Tillage, which is an important element of the farming cycle, has therefore traditionally been done using cattle.


This has adverse effects on yields. Tillage using Tractors and Implements improves efficiency and maximizes the available area for planting.


The Tillage Services Project is to be primarily resuscitated in Manicaland in order to attain economies of scale. Concurrently, Mowing and Baling grass aids farmers by providing a supplement for their Livestock during the winter season. The Tillage services offered include:

  • Ploughing

  • Discing

  • Planting

  • Mowing/Baling

  • Carting


Tillage Services

Through our Scheme, we provide our Farmers with Tillage Services including:

  • Ploughing

  • Discing

  • Planting

  • Mowing

  • Baling
  • Carting

It is through the exercise of extending these Services to the Small Scale Farmers, who are the backbone of the Small Grains Sector, that our vision of community development and uplifting our people is realized.


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