Production of high-quality seed is fundamental to modern agriculture. Most annual crops are established each season from seeds, and seed quality can have a major impact on potential crop yield. Seeds can serve as the delivery system not only for improved genetics but also for new planting and production methods and crop protection strategies that improve the overall efficiency of agriculture and reduce its environmental impact.


Production of high quality seed is an exacting task. Seed producers take many steps to protect genetic integrity, including ensuring the integrity of their planting seed, properly identifying and labeling plants and fields, planting seeds on clean land which has not been used to grow the same crop in the recent past, removing rogue plants, or plants which are not true to the variety’s characteristics, and employing physical isolation – via mesh cages, distance isolation, time isolation or hand pollination – to ensure that pollination only occurs among plants of the desired variety.


As of June 2005, Reapers was designated Seedhouse status by the Ministry Of Agriculrture and has since been the leading company in the distribution of small grains seed to farmers naionwide.


Reapers supplies the seed for the following crops:

  • Groundnuts

  • Sugarbeans

  • Soyabeans

  •  Sunflower

  • Upland Rice

  • Cowpeas

  • Sorghum

  • Rapoko

  • Millet

  • Roundnuts

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