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Research is a systematic investigation to seek answers to agricultural problems. Development involves turning the research findings into a product.


As society develops, consumer demands change to reflect different needs. Consumers want to choose from a range of fresh, high quality products. To meet these needs in a sustainable way farmers have to balance environmental concerns with the need to produce food. Within Syngenta research and development are two separate, but closely integrated, functions.


The Small Grains Genetic Research utilizes appropriate technologies encompassing molecular genetics, physiology, pathology, and breeding to research strategies that contribute to the development of superior crop varieties.


The applied goals of our research and development are:


  • To develop and evaluate novel breeding strategies for selection and for testing large numbers of genotypes for desirable agronomic characters.

  • To elucidate the inheritance, chromosomal location and expression of genes controlling economically valuable plant characteristics.

  • To develop, evaluate, and introduce new cultivars of small grains having improved yield, nutritional quality, disease resistance, and other characteristics that increase the crop value and production efficiency.

  • To provide the most effective products for farmers and growers that are also safe for human health and the environment

  • To develop the best new plant varieties to gain higher yields and quality in a range of soils and weather conditions.


Agriculture is facing with many challenges on the global level: the climatic changes, providing food security and food safety, very demanding requirements in using natural resources and so on. At the same time, knowledge based economic development is emphasized and promoted at different decision levels.


There is no doubt that scientific institutions are the right address for offering the appropriate answers to the challenges and to anticipate future trends in development of agriculture and rural economy.

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